Monday, January 21, 2008

A Great Weekend!

I passed up SO many temptations this weekend!

Friday night is usually homemade pizza night but I decided to skip the pizza and save up my flex points for a few glasses of wine on Saturday. We had a new recipe instead. Meatloaf from the ESBM girls (which as REALLY yummy) with rice and veggies. We ended up staying in on Friday and rented a movie (Good Luck Chuck....funny!) so I did have about 6 points worth of chocolate on Friday but I counted it and instead of having nachos like I wanted, I settled for a 100 calorie bag of popcorn. Sweet.

Saturday was good. I spent the whole morning cooking. I made 1 point Banana Bran Muffins, Tuna Casserole, and 0 point Weight Watchers soup. I stuck within my points and even had about 10 pts leftover before I went out. So on our way out, Scott and I stopped at Wendy's, instead of getting a big greasy burger, I got a grilled chicken snack wrap. Hit the spot and was only 5 points. So we got picked up in a SUV limo which was sweet and it took us to the hotel that friends of ours were staying at. When we got there someone had some super greasy popcorn and I didn't even touch it, even though by this time, the snack wrap was wearing off and I was hungry! When we got to the pub, a few girls and I ordered some Nachos....not the best things to order but there was 3 of us and the plate was pretty small. I counted all the points too. The rest of the night I stayed away from food and even had to convince my hubby that stopping for pizza on the way home was NOT a good idea. When we finally got home (not our home, we stayed in town at Scott's parents) Scott dished out a bowl of ice cream and I had 2 pieces of toast. Then we called it a night. So over all, I think It did pretty well. I ended up drinking a bottle of wine plus 1 glass. Plus I spent a solid 3 hours dancing my butt off so I think I maye have earned a few activity points!

Sunday was a little harder....that awful I'm slightly hungover and all I can think about is eating greasy food feeling stuck with me most of the day. But I had toast for breakfast and a turkey breast wrap from Subway for lunch. I had a bridal show to go to so I was there all afternoon. Scott picked me up close to supper and asked me about 6 times if I was SURE I didn't want fish and chips from Deluxe. It took all I had to say no 6 times! We ended up just heading home and having tuna noodle casserole (ESBM girls again) It was yummy AND low in points! Score.

So that was my weekend. Oh there was a slight run in with a cinnamon roll last night but I had some points left over and the nutritional value was on the package so I didn't stress too much about it. Counted it and moved on. Could have done without it though....

So I'm wondering how Christy and Sonya made out this weekend. My first OP weekend in a while. 7 days under my belt now!


  1. Carolyn! I'm so proud of you - what a great weekend you had. Before baby, I had many of those Saturday nights when I'd wake up on Sunday and could KILL for grease. It's not easy to pass up - you're amazing.

    I'm about to post about my weekend (was good!) - so here we are, ready to kick some serious butt his week! Woo hoo!

  2. You are so AWESOME girl! I am so proud of you for staying OP all weekend even in the midst of temptation.

    IMHO you were OP because you were really thinking about those choices (well maybe except for the cinnamon roll!) and had planned for them and counted them all. Good for you!

  3. Ditto - SO proud of you! Wonderful choices and even better attitude. My weekend was good, I used all my flex points, but that's what weekends are all about. I find it much easier to stay within my points during the week. I went out too on Sat night and maybe ate a piece of cheesecake around 2am, but counted it and moved on! I may have to try that tuna casserole (I love that cookbook!). Here's to a great week, I'm with Sonya and ready to kick some butt!

  4. holy moly chicklet! you should get activity points just for the obstacle course you went through avoiding the food!!! Awesome job!!!!

  5. WOW! Impresssive!!! I didn't fair out so well on the other hand, but I feel slightly victorious having read you did so great! ;-)

  6. Sounds like a great weekend. I need to get that ESBM book - stat!

  7. good job and way to say no!! it really is a great feeling on monday morning.

    i would love to see your recipe for the banana bran muffins, they sound yummy!!


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