Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My week so far....and a mish mash

Tuesday was a bit of up and down. I made it to the gym at lunch for my 50 min Yoga class at lunch. Felt great about that. I'm really starting to love Yoga. My instructor is fantastic and I really think that is part of the reason I love it so much. I've always been so nervous to try Yoga but now I can't imagine missing my class!
I had my first physio appt last night after work (I've been having a lot of problems with a joint in my back for the past few months) So I got 2 treatments for that and it was like being on a massage table, loved it. Hopefully it will help to workout the pain. (Side bar - my physio therapist did an assessment on me last night and said I was "extremely flexible" Yay! I think it's the yoga!)
Last night I didn't get home until about 9:00pm but since I had promised myself I'd get in some cardio, I threw on my workout kicks and popped in Billy Blanks. About 15-20 mins in, my DVD player crapped out on me. Kept freezing. Nothing like cutting you off just when you're getting into it. Frig.
Today I'm heading to the gym after work for 20 mins of cardio and then a 45 min Body Ball class. I think I need to be getting in more cardio. Before Christmas I was doing all cardio and I was losing much more weight. I know strength training is super important but I seem to have slacked on my cardio to fit in the strength training. Not a good idea. The scale isn't moving much (most likely due to my weekend indulgence). I've even been toying with the idea of diggin out my old SFL (Simply For Life) meal plan and giving it a try for a few weeks. Has anyone else tried SFL? I don't know how nationwide it is. I tried it back in May and lost quite a bit of weight. Not something I could live on forever but maybe it's what I need to get a jump start. I'm still carrying around 4 lbs from Christmas! The first 2 weeks of the plan are just so strict! The first few days are super hard too. What do you ladies think?

Thanks Amy for the pizza dough recipe, I'll be trying it out this weekend!

Also, for the first time ever, I bought fish at the grocery store! I've never cooked fish before in my life and I bought a big portion of Talapia. Anyone have any recipes? I'm completely oblivious!

and Thanks girls for the motivatin after such an awful weekend (which Randi thinks was not-so-awful) It's just what I needed anyway!


  1. Look at you being awesome on the workout front! I've only attended one yoga class, and it kicked my butt! Major kudos to you for sticking with it, and enjoying it so much!

    As for the fish, I really like to bake it with stewed tomatoes on top. I just put the fish in a glass baking dish, and pour a can or two of stewed tomatoes on top. Then I put it in the oven on 300 for 20-30 minutes, until the fish falls apart. It is so good like that. I especially like to do that, and then make macaroni and cheese, and put some of the baked stewed tomatoes on the mac and cheese. Yum!!!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on your gym visit! I've wanted to try yoga too but I'm too intimidated to do it! :P

    Not sure about the fish, because the only "seafood" I eat is canned tuna.

    I agree with you on the cardio. I've been losing much more weight now that I'm doing 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week. The only strength training I've been doing is boxing though, and that's a little more cardio than strength I think. I really gotta start using the weight machines at the gym, but then I'm afraid my weight loss will slow down. What to do, what to do. lol.

  3. I actually haven't seen PS: I Love You but I'll probably rent it when it comes out! It looks sooo sad.

    Sigh... I wish DBF and I lived together, but it's something we can't afford right now. Sigh...

  4. talapia is so good - you can either put some fresh lemon juice over it, or spread some of your favorite salsa ontop, or make a simple crust out of panko bread crumbs and/or parm cheese... yummy! you really can't mess it up, just make sure you don't overbake it...

  5. You are doing amazing!!!

    Hm, I REALLY want to try Yoga!!! They offer it at a gym near me at 7:15 am on Saturday mornings...I think it would be a nice start to my weekend (since I RARELY do anything exciting on Friday nights!)...I, too, am nervous about it (like you USED to be!!)

    I definitely see more results weight wise when I am doing lots of cardio, but I love how I feel when I am doing weights's has got to the point that I spend 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs at the gym...which isn't always fun!!! I need to find a way to break it all up!!

  6. Nope haven't heard of SFL.
    Did you take measurements around Christmas? just because the scale isn't moving doesn't mean your not doing something.
    Be careful with the yoga. Especially with back problems. Don't try and push your body too far (I've actually been hearing bad things about yoga lately. It's all good as long as you don't force yourself, nothing should be uncomfortable)

    Describe all about the SFL and I'll give you a nay or yay on it.
    (what's so hard in the first 2 weeks?)

  7. You know I try to focus on cardio also, I know that strength training is important and they say its awesome, but I seem to do better when I am just doing cardio, so I am going to stick with that for now.

    As far as Tilapa, so many different things you can do. Check out my recipe blog there is one for baked parmesan fish, yum. Plus you can always take Italian dressing or something and marinate it.

  8. good job with yoga, i did 2 episodes today of a yoga program and it was fun, i enjoyed it! i'm going to try to do more and maybe sign up for a "real life" class that they offer at work.

  9. You're doing so great with the exercise, that's awesome! Yoga is awesome! Physio can do wonders for your back and given that you already exercise, there's no doubt you'll take care of the problem causing the pain. It's those people who don't exercise that end up with continuous problems.

    Building up those muscles will eventually allow you those indulgences on the weekends without effecting the scale let's not forget! Upping muscle mass and metabolism will be the key to being able to have those weekend indulgences and get away with it. That's my plan these days anyway! lol

    I've never tried SFL, is that Bob Greene's plan with Oprah? At least following that will give you some struture of an eating plan and that can do wonders for staying OP.

  10. good for you for working out at 9pm!! (or even trying to... lol). I wish I could do that!

    As for cooking the fish, the simplest thing to do is to wrap it in some foil (leaving space on top for steam), adding some salt, pepper, lemon and any other spices you'd like and bake it. I love this blog for cooking tips.

  11. I've never heard of Simply For Life-what it is like?

    And you are lucky to be flexible. I am NOT at all, although I wish I were!


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