Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gyming it up & feeling great!

So I've been to the gym 4 times so far this week and I'm planning on going today at lunch as well for a 40 min cardio session. I feel great! Although I had to miss my strength training class last night due to mandatory bridesmaid dress shopping. So I went at lunch instead and jumped on the bike/elliptical for 40 mins.

Bridesmaid dress shopping was actually pretty fun last night and guess what? HUGE NSV! I was the smallest bridesmaid out of 5! How often does that happen? Those dresses do tend to run small though so I think everyone was a size larger than they thought. I was seriously having anxiety about the dress I ordered for a friend's wedding in April. I ordered a 10 but I was getting a little weary about whether or not I'd be able to squeeze into it. Well last night I grabbed a few 12s and a few 10s and set off to the changing room with the feeling of dread. You that feeling - "I'll break the zipper getting into it if I have to, but I'm not going up another size" kind of feeling. (Just goes to show you how obsessed we women are with sizes....thus the reason for vanity sizing!) Well I started out with a 12, just in case. Slipped it on and......what?? It's too big?? Way too big actually! Look at all this room!

Dare I try on the 10? Hmmmm

Ok Here I go. It fits!!!! Fits great actually. Even a little loose up top but through the waist and hips...perfect!! Huge sigh of relief at this point! Not only is my 10 going to fit me in my April wedding but I might actually have to get it taken in a little! Ok the nightmares of not fitting into my dress can stop now. Please!

I'm having one of those "I feel super fit and great" days and I'm loving it. Got a little extra swing in my hips. You ladies know what I'm talking about. It's days like this that I don't even care about the number on the scale, I care only about how great I feel and how appreciative I am to myself for how far I've come and for all that I have accomplished. I can honestly say that I am proud of myself and happy with who I am. Look how great I've done over the past 2 years? I've turned my life around, I've made so many wonderful changes and through all of those, I've really gotten to see my own strength, what I can accomplish, and just how wonderful I am. I hope this feeling in contagious because I want all of you ladies to take a step back, see how far you've come and appreciate yourself.

Self help book anyone??

Have a great day!!


  1. what a great NSV!

    And great job on getting to the gym 4 times, what an accomplishment, you rock! it's amazing to me how much better I feel when I do get to the gym

  2. that's a great NSV! good for you! i think the whole bridal industry, esp. dresses, is full of crap - why would anyone pay $5,000 for a gown that they're going to wear for one day? makes no sense to me... :-p

    and i'm with you on having one of those 'i feel great' days... sometimes they come out of nowhere but those are the best kind... sort of reminds me of that carson show - we (women) really need to stop and look at ourselves on a positive level more often... we SHOULD be proud, we ARE wonderful, and we DESERVE to be be happy... :o)

  3. Carolyn, maybe you're becoming a gym addict! lol. I admit, I have caught the gym bug too, and the feeling you get from it really is amazing! I remember when I hated going to the gym, and now I hate it when I CAN'T go to the gym. I feel a change in my body too and really don't care much about the number on the scale either!

    Congrats on the NSV! I'm sure you'll have to get that dress taken in soon enough :)

  4. Congrats on the size 10! That's an awesome feeling!

    I have to buy a dress for a wedding this year when the wedding is next year. So I'll be walking on egg shells!

  5. Congrats on the size 10! That's an awesome feeling!

    I have to buy a dress for a wedding this year when the wedding is next year. So I'll be walking on egg shells!

  6. Yay Yay Yay!!!!!

    I almost teared up reading this. Glad you're in the groove right now!
    and good job getting to the gym.

    and the smallest bridesmaid? I bet you didn't even think that was possible a couple of years ago. What a huge victory.

  7. Smallest bridesmaid. Awesome. It's always a fear of mine to be the fattest bridesmaid. You know everyone's looking at you since you're wearing the fancy dress. It's the worst when the bride and everyone else is super tiny and beautiful and you're shopping in the plus size. I always feel sorry for the biggest bridesmaid. But hey! It's not you! Sweet!
    I am so shallow.

  8. Awesome NSV!! And thank you for the wonderful post, it gave me the warm fuzies inside.

    And yes, my wedding dress was a 12 and at the time I was around 140 and wearing size 6 and 8. What is up with that? Don't they make you want to feel GOOD on your wedding day and not FAT???

  9. yay!! i'm so happy for you! i love days like that. i'm kind of having one today - my dress is really cute, my hair looks nice and my belly looks pretty darn flat this morning. woo! i'm sure with the time you've been putting in at the gym that the scale will show it and the dress will be loose. good job girl! you're totally motivating me. i'm back to the gym tonight after work and tmw too :)

    p.s. i still can't get over how full these little muffins are making me feel. i am going to make them more often.

  10. Congratulations!!!

    Wow, being the smallest bridesmaid?
    I've NEVER been the smallest. Sigh. One day perhaps?

    Congrats on the NSV, but more congrats on your awesome attitude!

  11. That's an awesome NSV!!! I had the same feeling when I went wedding dress shopping a few weeks ago. I was scared to try on the size 10s, but was extrememly excited when they fit!
    Great job at all of the gym time this week! I always feel like a happier person when I get my workouts in!

  12. YAY!!!! That is absolutely amazing!!!!!!

    And, honestly, what a great feeling of being the smallest bridesmaid (I feared being the biggest, but nope, not me this time!).

    It's awesome that you are feeling so great today!!! I love those "fit" feeling days!!!

  13. wow - your confidence and good vibes are contagious!

    and 4 days so far... awesome!

  14. Carolyn: I'm new to the blogging community and want to give you CONGRATS! You are an inspiration to all of us out here in the trenches trying to win the war against the fat. Keep up the great work. I also think I'm going to have to try the muffins, they look fab.

  15. hahaha, your energy is contagious! so glad you are having such an amazing day and feeling that self confidence boost. if only every day could be like that, right?

  16. That is a great NSV. I love the feeling of confidence that you're experiencing right now; I'm on that high right now, too. You know the low feeling will return at some point, but then so will this great feeling--on to victory! :)

  17. I'm glad that you're having those super-good feelings.
    That happens to me, too. I begins with me saying I want to lose those last few pounds. So I head to the gym. But after working out for a few weeks, I feel so strong and healthy, that I could care less about what the scale says!
    I'm glad you're there. And congratulations on your 10!

  18. Yay! OMG. I haven't checked in on this blog in forever. I'm so glad youa re doing well!! =D

    I just had that discussion with my mom over the weekend. Why would wedding dresses run 2 sizes bigger? I mean, this is MY special day and I'll be wearing something 2 sizes larger than my normal size?!?! eek!

    congrats! congrats! Congrats!!!

  19. Smallest bridesmaid!

    I wonder why cardio always wins over strength training if people are busy?

  20. I'm SO happy for you - smallest dress - what an incredible feat!

    I love how great you're feeling - the positive vibes from this post have been literally bouncing off me! Thank you!

    And your gym record this week? Incredible!

    I've been lax in posting the last couple of days because it's been crazy-busy - but things are good!

  21. I've been the FATTEST bridesmaid before. A few times in fact!

    I guess I'll have to wait for my little sister to get married to see if I can be the smallest one sometime!


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