Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day # 2 ...Clean as a whistle!

2 fantastic OP days under my belt and already I can feel the momentum building. Everyday on plan brings less cravings for chocolate, more energy, more confidence, and just generally more satisfaction and pride. I'm not going back. I feel too great now. How could I forget how great it feels to be OP? Why would I ever want it any other way?

Congrats to Christy and Sonya who are counting away the OP days with me. I honestly thought about having a snack last night around 9:00pm (which is past my promised 8:00pm cut off) even though I didn't have any points left but then I thought..."What in the world would I tell Christy and Sonya tomorrow??" So I grabbed a big glass of water and sipped away while watching Biggest Loser. Counting the OP days has really helped too. I'm already thinking that once I get to 25 days, I might reward myself with a new pair of shoes, or a new purse, or the new pair of jeans I've been wanting.

I didn't get to the gym twice yesterday like I was planning but I did make it to Yoga class and it was a hard one! My arms were killing me afterward. Does anyone else find the downward dog "resting" pose to be pretty intense on the arm muscles? Maybe it will get easier in time since this was only my fourth class. I almost had to break it once because I thought my arms would give out but I held on long enough for her to change poses. It was rough though.

Tonight is Body Ball class so I am looking forward to that. Although last Wednesday they switched the instructor and I found it a little too easy. Hopefully we have the old one back tonight.

I really think that weighing in on Mondays is going to have a good effect on my weekend choices. I used to weigh in on Fridays so if I over indulged on the weekend I always had the mentality "well I have a whole week to take it back off so why not have that extra piece of carrot cake?" but I can't use that excuse anymore since I will be weighing in on Mondays at the gym for the challenge I joined. The next few weekends are going to be a little rough. This weekend we are going out for drinks with friends for a 30th birthday party. Escalade limo rental and all. It's been a while since I've been out with friends and had a few glasses of wine so this weekend I'm going to save 30 of my flex points for wine. Sounds awful right? But I love wine. And most of the time, after 2 glasses, I want 2 more. Especially when I'm out with my best friends. So if I know I'm going to probably polish off a bottle of wine, I should just plan for it right? Does anyone know how many points a bottle of red wine is? Not a flattering question eh?

That's it for me today. I'm off to the gym!


  1. Keep it up girl, you got this!

    I chose Monday in the very beginning for WI for that exact same reason, it is the major driving factor keeping me in check on the weekends.

  2. i'm with you on the downward dog resting pose... not very rest-like!

  3. *laughs* I wish I knew how many points in a bottle of wine...I have had a few this past year!!!

    I changed my WI to Sunday (much like your Monday) because I found that I was really good on Friday (the night before WI) but RIDICULOUS on Saturday and then I would have NO points for the rest of the now I am forced to stay accountable on Saturday and save up my points for a treat...and then I can have a nice meal or treat on Sunday instead!

  4. May not be flattering but it is practical! Way to plan for it if you know it's going to happen anyways.
    Congrats on day 2! (not to be a downer, but what are you going to do if you slip up? Nobody's perfect? Just don't count that day or start back at 0?)

  5. You know, you and Christy are REALLY keeping me accountable too. I had the snack attacks last night, and thought of both of you!

    Yoga is *really* hard - good for you! I always found it to be a great workout. I'm hoping to get back into it in the next couple of weeks after I have some consistency in my workout (and it doesn't hurt me to bend over!).

    Will check on you tomorrow!

  6. Hmmmm I may choose to WI Mondays now, what a great idea. I really just have to pick a day and stick with it!

    Good job for you and going to the gym, I totally envy you and hope to be back there with you soon enough!!

  7. You're doing so well, keep it up. Good WI day plan too.

  8. I know exactly how the love of wine is! Atleast you are planning ahead! Congrats on day 2!

  9. I found that Wednesdays are a good WI day. It gives you less time to forgive any weekend disasters, so it curbs them, but it also gives you a little room in case you do have a *minor* setback. I switched back to Fridays during the holidays - knowing that every weekend was going to be disasterous. But I will be changing back next week.

    psst...25 ounces (a bottle) of red wine = 10 points!

  10. I'm totally with you on the downward dog! Not a resting pose for me at all.

    12 pts in a bottle of red. MMMMMM, points well spent if you ask me.

    I used to weigh in on Mondays for the exact same reason. Otherwise, I would gain over weekend and spend the whole week loosing it, netting zero. Lots of work for nothing. Isn't it amazing how different you feel after even a few days of making better choices?

  11. I am loving this checking in thing! Went to the gym again last night, and actually did some running/walking intervels on the treadmill. Intended to go for 30 minutes, and ended up staying for about an hour! I feel sore today - but in a good way!:-) (There was a slight mishap with some popcorn last night - but it was freshly popped, with a little bit of margerine - it could have been worse).

    Anyway - you are doing great!!!!! I'll check in with you again tomorrow. You can make it an amazing Day Four, I know it!

  12. Your positive energy is infectious!

  13. Love the positive vibes your sending out! I can always count on you to put a smile on my face and a little motivation in my soul!

    I'll be out for a few days for the move, but will check in soon!

  14. Love it! Soon two days will turn into 4, will turn into 10, etc. Keep up the great work- it's totally the snowball affect!


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