Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weigh in...

Wasn't as great as I had expected. In fact it was downright disappointing. But a loss is a loss right? I wasn't too discouraged. I was hoping to see a nice loss but after all the wine on Saturday night, I guess I should have known better.
So what did the scale have to say??
Down 1 lb
But that is one pound that I don't have to carry around with me this week right? There are a few reasons why I don't think I saw as much of a loss as I was anticipating.
1. I've been doing a lot of strength training in the last 2 weeks. New to me but apparently muscle weighs more than fat or so they say. So hopefully I've gained some muscle along the way.
2. Wine on Saturday. Wine Wine Wine. Sigh.
3. TOM showed up just after weigh in.
4. I've been saving too many points for supper and after supper snacks. I need to be eating more points during the day
So there you have it. I'm really not too worried about it and I'm totally working towards a nice big juicy loss next week.
Not much going on this week. Work is crazy busy and I have lots of meetings going on. I'm getting to the gym as much as possible. So far I've gone 3 times this week.
Monday was 15 min elliptical warmup and then 45 min Body Sculpt Class
Today was a 50 min yoga class at lunch and then 45 min cardio workout after work.

I'm hoping to get to the gym tomorrow but it's once again time to go shopping for bridesmaid dresses so that might tie me up after work. Maybe I can run down to the gym on my lunch hour though. Hmmmm......

Took a few pics of my time in the kitchen on Saturday.... Although I didn't take a picture of the wicked meatloaf I made last week. Sooo yummy.

1 Point WW Banana Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins! Mmmmmm

0 point WW Italian Soup....Not 100% crazy over it but not too bad

Last but not least...Tuna Casserole. Yumm!

Oh I need ideas ladies! I'm having a few girls over for a bite on Friday night before a movie. What in the world am I going to make? I need something easy but low in points as I want to make sure I track everything. Any ideas? Nothing fancy...just some munchies and finger foods maybe??


  1. a loss is a loss! good job with your gym time too. that is awesome.

    i want to make those muffins, they look so yummy!!

    my sister has been making this healthy version of 6 or 7 layer dip: layer fat free refried beans, smashed avocados, fat free sour cream with the fiesta ranch powder, tomatoes, fat free cheese, black olives. really yummy. get some hummus too with wheat pita chips?

    try giving up wine for 2 weeks - it's done wonders for me. i never realized how many calories i was taking in i guess. but TOTM is definitely not accurate weigh-in material. try again after and i'm sure it will be down a lot further. and i think muscle should weigh less than fat! it's not fair! work hard, weigh a little bit more but in the long run those muscles will burn off more calories.

  2. A loss is a loss, but sorry it was disappointing. I hate it when the scale is stubborn! And those banana bran muffins look fabulous. I would love the recipe!

  3. Can we please have the muffin recipe??

  4. how about that tuna casserole!

    that looks delish!

  5. #4 is my problem every day. It's almost like I feel like it's my last chance to eat that day, so I have to make it "worth it"!

    Down a pound is actually a great respectable loss my dear, good work! One pound has staying power!

    And you're not annoying in the least little bit and I appreciate motivating kicks in the butt...thank you :-)

  6. a loss is totally a loss, and a pound is great once your getting as close to goal as you are...congrats.

    The banana chocolate chip muffins look wonderful!

  7. Okay, please re-read the first half of your post. You're coming up with excuses as to why you DIDNT LOSE MORE WEIGHT. Carolyn - you lost a pound!!!!! Losing a pound in a week is awesome!

    Thanks for the food pics, the muffins are mouthwatering!

    Good luck coming up with a plan for the girls night, those are always tricky...

  8. Shrimp with cocktail sauce for dipping. It's my faithful low point option.

  9. Hey - kick me if I'm doing the math wrong. But weren't you hoping to lose an extra 0.5lb before your Monday weigh in? Doesn't this mean that you made your goal, and then some?;-)

    I am really proud of you for all the hard work at the gym - you're kicking butt!

    Wine is my biggest nemesis too - you aren't alone.

    I think you'd better post that muffin recipe, or some of us might be at your doorstep, demanding that you feed us that whole batch that you just made. They look yummilicious.

    Hope you're having a great day!

  10. What about a fruit and vegetable platter with different flavored cream cheeses? I just posted quite a few combinations to stir up the imagination on my blog http://curlytopbop.blogspot.com/ . Have a lovely day!


  11. "Muscle weighs more than fat." Where are you getting the math for that? I've said it before: 1lb muscle weighs the same as 1lb of fat. It just takes up less space. And, after all, who wants a pound of fluffy fat hogging up all the good body space when you can have a pound of kick ass muscles.

    Have much fun on Friday.

  12. i made the muffins! forgot the vinegar though...but i guess it didn't need it. so yummy! :) thanks for the recipe. they are so filling too.

  13. ARGH~! I had posted somec omment yesterday about this post not being from the girl who left this on Sonya's blog: " If the pounds come off, they come off but the important thing is that I'm making good choices and getting to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. That is probably the first time i've said that and meant it!"

    Your own words say it much better then I ever could!


  14. Losing a pound is awesome! Remeber, the healthy rate of weight loss is .5 - 2 pounds a week, so you did awesome! Also, as you do more strength training, you may need to eat some of you APs to see a loss. I'm still experimenting with how many of mine to eat, its hard to figure it out!

    When you get a chance, can you post the recipe for the muffins? They look amazing!


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