Monday, January 14, 2008

A Great OP weekend......

is exactly what DIDN'T happen this weekend.

I think I've reached that point ladies. The point where you just cant go on anymore. The point where the number on the scale literally horrifies you and makes you want to cry. The point where the thought of gaining even one more pound is enough to induce temporary insanity.

I've had enough. Seriously enough. I can't spend one more day in my current out of control-I can eat what I want-who cares if I gain a few pounds state. The Holidays are over! Seriously, it's January 14th. Get over it!

So today is my day one. My first day of rededicating myself to Weight Watchers. Every point will be calculated, journalled and accounted for. Every meal will be balanced. Everyday will include at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies. The gym will see me walking in the door at least 4 times a week but I'm really aiming for 5. Water will always be within arms reach. I can do this. I need to do this.

My motivation:
1. The size 10 maid of honor dress I ordered for my friends wedding in 14 weeks.
2. The bridesmaid dress I have to order next month for another friend's wedding.
3. The unworn size 7 pants hanging in my closet with the tags on.
4. The "Get Unstuffed" challenge at my gym that I signed up for this morning.
5. The bikini I plan to buy this weekend.
6. Our trip to New York City in May.
7. The fact that my size 9 pants feel a little snug this morning.
8. The showers/bachelorettes coming up for previously mentioned weddings
9. August trip to PEI where Scott is in a wedding. He's going to be in a tux, I have to look great too!
10. And finally.....because I just hate feeling huge and out of control.

So there we have it. Time to get serious. I'm starting from scratch. Everything I "thought" I knew the points for will be re-measured. Measuring cups will be out constantly to keep portions on track. Everything will be journalled. (including wine which is a big one for me)

Who's with me? I'm ready to take off this last 15 pounds (if your observant, you know a few weeks ago this was 10 lbs) Time to get to goal. what have I been waiting for? I've been playing around with these last 15 pounds for the past year! Ridiculous!

A HUGE Thanks to Roni as well for putting on the Movie and a Popcorn contest! I'm psyched about the Netflix subscription & popcorn!! I never win anything, I was shocked when I did! Thank you!!


  1. Oh, I'm so there with you. This weekend I completely ate whatever I wanted and didn't think twice. I did however think about it when I went grocery shopping and completely stocked my fridge with the intention of eating perfect all week. We'll see how it goes...

  2. Aw girl, I am sorry to hear that!!!

    When I first saw your title I was like "go Carolyn" and at the end that's what I said, so "GO CAROLYN!!!!!!!"

    Honestly, I had to go back to BARE basics and measure and count EVERYTHING!!! I took Marie's idea and carry a journal with me where I write everything down, all my exercise and even my WI (eek!! I try not to let anyone see it!) but it has helped me SO much this past week because it is RIGHT in front of me in black and white (who am I kidding, pink and purple!) when I screw up AND when I rock it!!!

  3. I hear ya Carolyn - I've been playing around with the 'final 15' for WELL OVER A YEAR NOW!!!!!

    When am I going to say enough is enough and just lose it already?

    We CAN do it.

  4. i know you can do it, your plan sounds spot on. i gave up drinking wine/beer on january 2nd and i have to tell you, its never been easier to drop these LBS. i've lost 5 lbs in the past 2 weeks, without going to the gym. i dont think we realize the calories in drinks, ya know? at least for me anyway. i was a 1-2 glass of wine/per night gal and i feel healthier, less bloated and overall better. try giving it up for a while. i know they say 2 points per glass but i really dont think my glass is only holding those 4oz ya know?

    you can totally do it. set mini goals maybe? the gym will definitely help. i'm motivated to get back in there.

    congrats on the netflix subscription, that is awesome :)

  5. Have you READ my blog lately? I knew I had to get right back in it, but one day led into the next and so on and so on and one more "last day before WW" lasted a week! I was up 5.8 lbs on Sat morning and it still didn't scare me enough to eat well the rest of the weekend. So today it starts. I need it. I'm ready for it. And I'm glad to have such a wonderful person right there beside me! Y ou have the motivation, knowledge and strength to do this....

  6. Oh I know what the urgent panic feeling is like that's for sure! To get back on track I had to banish any and all excuses for why I did or didn't do this or that. We know what it takes to get the great results because we've both done it amazingly well! So, enough excuses for whatever reason. I've started thinking about my body lately as a "computer" that I can't reason with. It doesn't accept my justifications for why I didn't make it to the gym or why I didn't stick to my plan. It only outputs the result of my actions from the week. And once I started thinking more black and white about it again (like I did in the beginning), I felt more compelled to follow the plan because I had "no choice" if I wanted those results again.

    Oh, and when my mind still wasn't completely ready to do it even when I felt the way you do right now, I decided I was going to ignore how I felt and just go through the motions of being OP and let my mind "catch up." And believe it or not, it worked! My mind caught up with the behaviour of being OP and settled right in. That might sound a little bizarre, but it got me back on track.

  7. I didn't have an OP sunday at all, I was kinda bummed out, but all my fault.

    But you know what is great? Today is a new day, and it's time to get your arse in gear, chop chop. I know you can do this. We can get off this last 10-15lbs together!

  8. Well you might have hated it, but you made me feel better at least! I thought I was the only one struggling to end the holidays. I keep reading about losing 3 lbs a week by everybody. And here I am. Stuck again, at a higher weight. your eating is the problem and my lack of working out is my problem. (I know can you believe it?). Let's turn it around though shall we?

  9. Right there with you, Carolyn! I have a lengthy list like you, and it's time to get my butt into gear!

    I'm going to check in with you everyday, and will be rooting you on.

    Going back to basics is a good idea.

    You've come so far - you can do this!!!!!

  10. ugggg the final 15....why is it the hardest??? oh well, let's get to work!

  11. Yay - congrats on winning the contest!

    And good luck. You can do it!

  12. Good for you to get back with it. I, too, have the dreaded last 15 pounds, which was only 10 before Christmas! I think you have some great motivation things going for you. Good luck with the counting!!!

  13. I am so with you, it's really hard to let go of the holidays, but we can do it. I am also wanting to get rid of the last 15 and before the holidays, it was the last 10 :(

    You have plenty of motivation, you can do this!

  14. Sounds like you have an awesome plan set to tackle those last 15 pounds! Do it, girl! I can't wait to see you peel off those LBS in '08!

  15. Great Post Carolyn. I think you really said what a lot of us have been feeling. Enough already!

    I really believe this is what sets you apart from someone who loses and then gains it back. Being honest, and not above going back to square one. Very inspiring!

  16. It's funny. The first thing that comes out is measuring cups. I measure pasta, rice, everything. I should remember to always have them out and not think I know better, because I don't

  17. So my dear - how did you do yesterday?? I had a great OP day (minus the exercise, sick baby and husband = no gym time) and even though I ihad 2 pts left (I'm at 22) I didn't have a late night snack, my sisters and I are going out for Thai today so I need all the help I can get. Hope you're doing well!!


  18. I am there too, but with feeling like I will never lose the 5 pounds I gained at Christmas.

    You can do it! You have come so far from where you were 2 years ago. Look at those pictures again from when you first started your blog. The outside of you has changed a TON, what have you changed on the inside? How are your thoughts about food and activity different than they were then? Is any of it the same?

    You are beautiful girl! You have a hubby that ADORES you! And you will reach your goal I just know it!


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