Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday Friday!

It's Friday! Finally, even though this was a short week since I only worked 3.5 days, it feels like a long one.
Work has been busy and I'm still doing Holiday visiting with friends that are home for the Holidays. Last visit was last night, a few of us went out to dinner before one of my good friends flew back out west to Alberta this morning. We ended up going to Vito's (I think it's more of a local restaurant but it's basically standard Italian food) Scott and I decided to order two meals and then split them. We ordered a small order of lasagna and a Chicken Souvlaki dish that came with chicken skewers, greek salad and brown rice. (It was on the Simply For Life menu) We skipped on the oil dressing on the salad and didn't add anything to the rice. I had saved up my points for the day so I had 13 points left and I managed to stay within my points so I was pretty happy about that. Although greek salad with no dressing really isn't all that great.
When we got home around 9:00pm, I was craving a snack but instead I filled up a huge glass of water and sipped away during CSI: Miami. Nice eh?
So I couldn't' do break up with the scale. I caved. I got on the scale this morning. I just wanted to see how I was doing. I seriously think I'm addicted. I knew I was doing great so why did I need to verify my greatness with a number on the scale? At least 3.5 of those holiday lbs flew off pretty quickly. Those ones must have been the water weight. Believe it or not, there are still a couple Holiday lbs holding on for dear life. YES you read that right, I lost 3.5 lbs and I still have more to go to get back to my pre-Holiday weight. But I had a great Holiday filled with lots of wonderful time with family and catching up with old friends and of course, lots and lots of amazing food, so I can't complain. Now I just have to pay the piper.
I did make it to the gym yesterday after work but only for a quick 35 min jaunt on the treadmill. Nothing too intense since I had a dinner date right afterwards. But at least I went right? Better then nothing. I'm hoping to get in some activity this weekend too. I might try out my new Yoga DVD that I got for Christmas and I'm thinking that Scott and I might go skating as well. Monday I start my new exercise regime:

15 min warm up
45 min Body Sculpt class

50 min Yoga class at lunch
50 min Random Cardio (elliptical and Stairmaster are my favorites)

15 min warmup Cardio
45 min Body Ball Class

50 mins of Random Cardio

Weekends are gym free unless I'm able to hit up a class or squeeze in some cardio but Scott and I usually stay pretty active on the weekends so I'm sure there will be some form of activity in there.

What do you guys think? I'm not sure if the 2 classes are enough strength training? Although they are both full body workouts and both involve using weights & resistance bands. Plus I think Yoga is gong to be great for strength training as well but since I'm new to it, let me know what you ladies think.

Happy Friday everyone! It's -36 C today in my city. That's right..... -33 F for all you ladies down south. It's freezing. I can't imagine being outside for more than 2 minutes. Bundle up!!


  1. Ohmigoodness...your weather sounds awful!!!

    I understand your need to jump on the scale, I needed to as well for a wake up call instead of just being in denial (because I was!)

    I think your work out plan sounds great!!! The classes sound like a good workout!! It might not be the BEST form of strength training but it's something, and they can be pretty decent!!

    Sounds like you had a great dinner last night!! And I agree, greek salad isn't much without the dressing!

  2. Burrrr, I thought -7 of yesterday morning here was cold...stay warm!

    I knew those holiday pounds would fly off quick for you. Glad to see your back OP and going strong. Nice to see.

    I think your workout routine sounds wonderful, I think it's a good balance of strength and cardio. I eventually want to build in some strength to mine, but right now, just focusing on cardio.

  3. We had similar weather yesterday! I feel your pain.

    Don't worry about the scale addiction - I figure as long as reading that number doesn't get you down or make you crazy, then it's all good weighing yourself. I know I do it.

  4. haha! poor sucker! we're -3 only! yay!

    I really like the workout plan. 2 strength training will be enough. If you feel it's not enough just do a small circuit on the weekends when you've got time. (10 squats here, 12 pushups there).

    I wouldn't worry about the scale thing. I step on it just about every day but can't remember as soon as I leave the bathroom. Maybe try weighing MORE often and you'll see that the number fluctuates so much that it really doesn't mean anything. Really just keeping track once a month or so will show if you're losing or gaining.

  5. I had Greek last night too and put a teaspoon of the dressing on my salad which was better than none! At least they use olive oil!

  6. The experts recommend not weight training any one body part more than twice a week, so what you are doing sounds perfect. Nice job on losing 3.5 pounds so far. The rest will come off with a little persistence. just keep up the perseverance and you will do great! I hope your weather warms up soon--that sounds brutal. We had a cold snap for a couple of days but now we are warming up nicely for about a week. I'll try to send some warm air your way :)

  7. I HATE the cold. I always tease dh that we should move to Canada for the great health care for our large family, but I don't like 20 F...can't imagaine -36 C!!!

    It's so great to read a post like this one. You know what it takes to get those last few pounds off. You have had great success in the past. It's just a matter of getting back OP!

    So great. And I'm like Randi. I weigh all the time. I can easily lose 3 pounds overnight if I go by my bedtime weight as opposed to my morning weight. I'm scale obsessed I admit!

  8. I too hop on the scale EVERY FREAKIN DAY. This morning I gasped at the number - not in a good way...then remembered that I had woken up thirsty and downed a liter of water only moments prior to my scale hop. Haha! Phew!

    As for your weather, girl, you're a tough cookie! I don't think I'd last very long in those conditions!

  9. Nice loss :)
    It was freezing here yesterday, about -27 and tomorrow they are calling for +7, what's up with that?

  10. You are doing great. 3.5lbs since the holidays is fantastic (even if you do have more to go)...just keep it off and the weight will fly off. You can do it.

  11. as far as I know, they say to strength train twice a week - sounds to me like you're good to go!!

  12. Happy Friday!! Woohoo! This has been the longest 3 day work week ever!

    Glad you see those holiday pound meltin' right off of you! Way to put in the work!

    I can't believe how cold it is where you are. I'm freezing just thinking about it! Stay warm and bundled!

  13. sounds like you're doing great! i have the holiday pounds sticking around too. it sure was fun gaining them but now i want them to go away asap. haha.

    have a great weekend :)

  14. Body ball and body sculpt both sound like really great strength training classes. My pesonal goal is to do strength training twice a week so I think you're doing great!

  15. i think that's enough strength training... i only do it twice a week as well.

    i'm impressed that you could stay with the water during csi!

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  17. You are doing great! Same situation here with the holiday weight. My scale preview is saying I lost about 3 lbs this week and that's only about half of what I gained!

    Keep it up Carolyn, you're doing so great!

  18. I only do 2 ST a week until Corrine tells me to up it to 3. I've looked ahead a bit and it's not yet. Although, I will be glad when we get there. It's the one thing I do prioritize.


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