Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Biggest Loser and Kelly & Sarah's Exercise Challenge

Can you guys even believe the episode of Biggest Loser last night?? First the whole Kim and Amy thing. Which I think is a little ridiculous. I do think that Kim gets out of hand sometimes when she is training her team. Why all of the swearing? I don't think I could handle someone screaming in my face and swearing at me. But the whole Neil thing??? I can't believe that he threw the WI so that his blue team would be able to stick together. Hello! Did he not get the Memo that they are there to lose weight and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle?? Poor Jez had to go home. I would be furious if I was him, at least he handled himself with integrity and honor. I may have jumped over the table and attacked Neil UFC style. But that's just me. At least a good ol fashion butt-kicking would be a good workout for him :)

If you haven't checked it out already, Kelly (fellow Christmas Challenger) and Sarah are starting up a little exercise competition. They've challenged each other to get their butts moving and exercising 5 times each week. I think this is a great challenge especially since lately I have only been dragging my butt to the gym 3 times a week. I know I can kick it up to 4 times AND I should be logging some sort of activity on the weekends to so I was thinking that this challenge may be just what I need to get my butt to the gym and on the elliptical or maybe pick up another class or take an extra walk on the weekend or spend an extra hour our in the yard.

Tonight is grocery night which means we stop at Subway for supper (YAY!) I need some suggestions ladies. I'll be walking into the door at Subway with about 9 points left. Since I am trying to stay away form "empty" points and calories I've already decided to skip the combo with the baked lays and just get a sandwich or wrap. Any suggestions??? What do you ladies get at Subway??


  1. you can definitely count walking as part of the challenge. basically just get moving, that's what i'm trying to do. i'm going to see if i can get to the gym all 5 days. if not, a nice long walk will be good enough for me.

    omg, i couldnt believe it when i saw +17 lbs. i thought the scale was broken, that is ridiculous. i hate that they're trying to turn this into a survivor competition. it's about weight loss. i think they should automatically eliminate the person with the gain/smallest loss. UFC style: lol. i would love to see someone do that haha. also-- i dont like how they can vote ANYONE off. it's not fair. and jez looked great! i think my favorite part of the show is seeing how the booted-off contestant looks.

    and kim: i'm not a fan. i LOVE jillian. kim just seems too petty and judgemental. she's had an attitude with a couple of the other contestants to. telling them to "f-ing do it"....not cool. i love bob too, he's great. i really hope neil goes home next week. i can't believe they were still be loyal to him, even after the teams broke up. that's stupid. but i love that show! can't wait for the finale!

    as for subway: sometimes i get chicken noodle soup & the 3" "mini sub". if i'm really hungry i get the 6" wheat, turkey, LITTLE BIT of light mayo, one slice of american cheese, little bit of sweet onion sauce, lettuce, onions & banana peppers. YUM. and it's about 7 points for the sandwich - hold the mayo and you save 1pt. so when i get the mini-sub it's about 3.5 points. the soup is 2 points. sometimes i get "lays light" potato chips which are 1 pt for the bag. the chicken noodle soup is yummy though.

  2. trying not to read the biggest loser spoilers, but MAN it's hard! :)

    as for subway, i use to always do the baked lays combo thing too. but the last few times i've gone i've gotten the apples instead. they do a 2oz bag (if i remember), so it's 0 points. another option is to skip the cheese and any mayo and order a footlong. I eat half of the 2nd half and let my honey have the rest. I think that's 8 points for 3/4 of a turkey on wheat footlong.

  3. hey!
    my wi is -2
    and it was -.5 for last week
    i dont think you got my email or something.

    as far as subway- i always do wheat, 6inch, double turkey, lots of veggies, mustard, o/v, about 8pts. i usually take an apple and drink water.

    have a good day!

  4. I couldn't believe that Neil did that! I knew Bob was gonna be so pissed, and he was! We'll see what happens next week. I am not a big kim fan, and even though Amy is a big whiner, I did feel like Kim tried to throw her under the bus last week. I would have left to train with Jillian to!

    I love Subway's Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. The 6 inch has 279 cal/5 grams fat/5 grams of fiber...that equals 5 points! That leaves you 4 points to spare...good luck!

  5. Eewww, I was so mad at Neil last night! I think he should have been kicked off!

    As for Subway,I had it yesterday for lunch and I find that if I get banana peppers and TONS of other veggies, I don't need cheese, just a little vinegar and a little mustard. Those banana peppers have such an awesome flavor that I don't need the other fattening stuff. I want it, but I don't need it. And drink lots of water with it. It will help you feel full. Skip the chips!

  6. I can't believe Neil either - they absolutely should have voted him off! But... Jez looked GREAT!! Amazing, really!

    As for Subway... Can't help you there. I haven't eaten it in ages. I worked there in college for awhile and it ruined me. ;)

  7. I haven't watched BL since the first episode but what the hell was up with that guy and the 17lbs? and them NOT voting his arse off?!


  8. So at subway I always get the multigrain or whole wheat, turkey or ham, no cheese, all the veggies, mustard or honey mustard, and light mayo if I think the bread's dry or something. I always end up getting the 12" and save the other half for a later meal. But then I always break down and eat it for a snack. If the soup is a broth soup you should get it and a half sub and you'll feel totally full. Stay away from the cookies! they are crazy delicious meaning they're like 400 calories each or something!

  9. I was so SHOCKED at what Neil did--this is the first season of BL that I've seen, has any other season seen this kind of game playing? And I was just as disappointed that they all just went along with the dirty play and voted Jez out. Maybe I'm naive, but it just seems like a bunch of morbidly obese people would do better at keeping it about losing weight rather than dirty playing just to win the game. I'll be rooting for Neil to go home next week.

  10. Yea, I couldn't believe that he added 17 pounds! I can't even imagine drinking that much water without peeing...

    At subway, I get the sweet onion terr. too, but on a wrap. I think it is the same points as the wheat bread, but I like it better. The apple packet is great. I didn't realize until now that it was zero points, I had been counting it as one!

  11. ohmygosh. I could NOT believe Neil. Holy COW! How could you do that justifying it to yourself that it's just a game and you're playing it. I was SO disappointed!

  12. Hey! Welcome to the challenge!! Lily has joined too. Her link is on my sidebar.

    I should just write this on my blog because you are the third person I've said this to, but as awful as this sounds, I secretly hope neil 's plan back fires on him, and he doesn't lose the whole 17. I am sure he will, but man I think that really sucks what he did. I wasn't a Jez fan, but I felt bad for him. I think they should have punished him, and voted neil out. Oh well, can't get to worked up over it I keep telling's tv. Next week looks good though!!

  13. BL loser, my jaw seriously dropped. What an idiot.

    Subway - I usually get a six inch ham with a little bit of mayo and lots of veggies. On whole wheat.

    Thanks for your kind words re: the challenge :)

  14. Oh, I know you're already gone, but the Southwest WITH whole wheat, cheese and extra sauce is still only 8 pts for a 6inch. I always get that one.

  15. I didn't get to see BL this i am soooo bummed that I missed it!


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