Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Plan

Ok Ladies, it's Halloween Eve!

What are you plans for Halloween? How are we going to make it through the night?
I have held off this long before I have bought any Halloween candy. I didn't trust myself to have it in the house. I'm finally going to have to break down today and go grab a few things for the kiddos who will be Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. I asked our Neighbor how many kids we usually get since we were clueless being first time homeowners and he said usually between 35-45. I'm SO glad I asked him because when Scott and I were talking about it last week, we figured we'd get around 60 or more kids so we were going to buy a big bulk box of Chocolate bars! Good thing we didn't. Leftovers on Halloween = trouble trouble.
I think my plan is going to be to allow myself (save up my points of course) ONE treat for the night. I will pick out my favorite thing and put it aside (in a visible area) for the end of the night. That way while I'm passing out my candy, I will keep that treat in the back of my mind and I'll know it's waiting for me. Who knows, by then end of the night, I might not even want it. (Who I am I even trying to kid here?) That's my plan. Also towards the end of the night, I'll start doubling up on my treat giving if I think there will be any leftovers. I don't want anything left at the house! Too dangerous! I feel for you ladies who have little ones that come home with bags upon bags of yummy candy. How do you resist when they leave for school? That would be rough! Be Strong ladies! Be Strong!
I'll be posting pics of the Halloween Partay tonight so stay tuned!


  1. I think we're going to go out to a costume trivia night at a bar instead of staying home tomorrow night. That way, I won't buy any candy to have in the house, and we'll have an excuse to dress up if we want.

  2. that's a good plan!! maybe freeze a bite size snickers? so that way it takes longer to eat and you still get the flavor. i'm not a big candy person but i do like chocolate: so i would probably go for a twix or a snickers. but i usually don't over indulge in candy. it's usually ice cream :) but we don't usually have trick or treaters....so we don't buy much candy.

    good luck with your plan and happy halloween eve!!

  3. We didn't buy candy yet either. Last year we had already gone through a big box (75) of chocolate before halloween and had to buy another one. AGH! If it's up to me I'm gonna buy a small thing of chocolate bars (hubby needs them) and then some suckers or something that I don't crave and use that to give away. The hard part for me is going to be avoiding a GOOD SALE on after halloween candy!

  4. Oh yeah. Amazing plan if you can only have 1 treat. I don't think I could do that. But I'll limit to 3. I should be busy working out anyway right?

  5. Doesn't that make it Halloweve? heehee. OK, sounds like a plan. I seriously think the key is just to go into it totally AWARE. which sounds like you are, good luck!

  6. Smart plan! I did the same thing, I didn't buy ANY halloween treats until Monday after work, but now I wish I waited until today! Although it doesn't matter much, my boss put a big bown of Mars bar minis on top of my desk and,,,,well, I have a tummy ache now....'nough said.


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