Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm rocking it!

It's not often I get to post about how AWESOME I'm doing so I'm soaking it up today girls and braggin myself up! This week has been so great! Unfortunately this week follows a weekend of splurges and massive over eating due to the Holiday so I'm really not expecting much on the scale this Friday but it doesn't really matter. Did you hear that ladies? It doesn't matter if I see a huge loss on the scale because I KNOW that I'm making the right decisions and I'm doing the right thing.


I lied a little. But just a little.

It matters. But not THAT much! I would like to see a loss. Even a really small one.

I feel great about the decisions I'm making this week.

1. I've gone to the gym twice so far this weekend and I'm going today after work.
2. I've been eating great meals and have been eating veggies and fruit like they are going out of style.
3. I'm eating more points for breakfast and lunch and having smaller suppers.
4. I'm bulking up my breakfast and having high fiber/high protein so I'm staying full WAY longer than I did with Special K.
5. I preplanned all my lunches and cooked them all on Monday so I'm not making rash unhealthy decisions.

Wanna know the best part? Hubby and I went out to dinner last night at Subway and I was tempted to order the Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap. I know it's 10.5 points but it's so yummy. I thought about and instead I ordered the turkey breast wrap with tons of veggies and sweet onion sauce and it was so good!!! I loved it! Only 6 points for the whole thing (with cheese!) The best part came after dinner when Scott started munching on those darn Ruffles Baked Sour Cream and Cheddar chips. They are my favorite but I made a quick decision before he even opened the bag that I wasn't going to have even one. He even offered me some but I said no thanks! SWEET! I think I found my zone ladies! I've also started planning out my entire weekend and flex points. We have a wedding to go to on Saturday and a date night on Friday night so the flex points will definitely come in handy.

Speaking of flex points... Do you ladies use all 35 points every weekend? I've been reading your blogs now for weeks and honestly, sometimes I feel like I am the only one using them! I know some of you save them up for one big splurge meal on the weekends but I'm just curious as to what you use them on? Lately my vice on the weekend has been chocolate. This week I'm planning on using my flex points on the following:

Friday night Date night includes:
Homemade pizza (Usually takes up about 10 bonus points) -10
1 Chocolate bar of choice for the movie - 6
1 bag of baked Doritos Nacho Flavor for the movie - 4

That's 20 bonus points in one night! But it's SOO worth it. I never use BP on Sunday so that still leaves me with 15 for Saturday night. We are going to a wedding so the standard dish is always chicken and veggies but I want to save some flex points for the dessert so I'll keep my 15 points for that I'm sure.

What are you guys using your flex points on?????

Today Recipe is from Cory... Maybe I'm the only one, but I've never ever tried green bean casserole! Don't forget to send in your recipes girlies! Also start e-mailing me your week #3 WI results for the Christmas Challenge!! Results will be posted on Monday, October 15 on my blog.

As for a recipe, I just love an ordinary green bean casserole.

1 can green beans
1 can cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup

Mix these together and put in a casserole dish.
Cover with crumbled bread or crackers.
Bake at 350 degrees until warm. Approximately 20 minutes?

You can make this with fat free soup and barely tell the difference!!!!



  1. I always use my flex points. Usually I add some onto each day. 20pts a day just doesn't ever seem to be enough for me. I figure they are there to use, I just loose slower. The only time I don't use as many is when I'm earning activity points. If I eat activity points, I try not to use flex points. Ah, the games we play, eh?
    Meanwhile - so happy to read that you've found your zone.....I feel like I'm close to mine...

  2. I am loving it! Bring on all the positive motivation girl, it will radiate on to everyone else! Yay!

    I have always eaten every single point ever available to me. There's no friggin way I'm letting them go to waste! Part of my reasoning is to do everything I can to make maitenance a little easier. If you always eat them up and still lose, your body is used to a certain intake of calories, which will make it easier to maintain while eating more when you're at goal. That's my reasoning anyway!

  3. I use my flex points too! Sometimes not all of them - and in the past I would always use them to eat something horrible (like fast food, a bag of chips etc..) but now I just eat more of the healthy stuff (most of the time). For thanksgiving, I used it for trifle and some extra dressing, gravy etc... so for special weeks, if I am going out or something I save them up and use them in one shot - while still making relatively healthy choices.

    And I've been losing quite well.... and being in the zone is fantastic. I don't want to jinx myself but I've been here for the past couple months and it's the best I've ever been!

  4. I love green beans, I could eat them right out of the can...that sounds awesome...I'm trying it!

  5. Do I use my flex points? OF COURSE!!! I reset mine on Fridays and typically use 20-30 of them by the end of Sunday :) I'm a lot "better" about eating during the week, so this works well for me. And good job on getting into the zone.

  6. Me and my flexies have a varying relationship. Some weeks I might use 5, some weeks I might use all 35 and some activity points as well. It really depends on what is going on and how I'm feeling. And if I'm even counting that week. I'm so inconistent!

    Happy about your zone! Always good to find one!

  7. I usually use all my flex pts too, 20pts day doesn't cut it for me! Btw, congrats on being in the zone! I think I'm back there as well.

    I lost 1 pound this week for the challenge.

  8. I'm so glad that you are having a fantastic week. Good for you!!!!

    I always eat all my flex points. I always say I'm going to save them until such in such time, but I end up going over my points usually daily (more so when I work my 12hour shifts), and end up using 4 or more a day to cover it due to my late night snacking.

  9. I'm still soooooooooooooooo far off track! Back at it on Monday, don't worry.

  10. Hi Carolyn!
    Yay you! Way to go! You are doing awesome! I think getting to the gym three or four days a week is great! That is what I hope to do, too. The change of scenery (from my basement) will be very motivating. I'm not doing WW, so I can't really weigh in on the flex points discussion, but I say if it works for you, then go for it! I'm in the zone, too :) It hasn't even really occurred to me to 'cheat'. I love when I can get focused! Have a great weekend sweetie! Big hugs!

  11. I use etools to track my points, so it automatically uses up any actvity points before using any flex points. So I almost always use all my APs, and I save my flex points for my weekly dinner out with one of my sons, and any high point dinners that my son or my husband cooks (2 or three nights per week). I have them pretty well trained by now not to fix anything too crazy, so usually end up leaving 10 to 15 flex points on the table by the end of the week. But I work out pretty consistently, I usually earn over 25 APs per week, which I do eat.

  12. Carolyn, you ARE rockin it! lol! Loved this post girl. WTG at Subway!

  13. i always use my flex points - most of the time is more than half, sometimes it's the whole 35... and it's not always on the weekends either - i may use a lot one night after work so my weeks vary really... i wouldn't feel guilty about using them, that's what they're for! :o)

  14. I always seem to use my flex pts mostly on the weekends for splurge night which is usually Saturday night when we go out.

    Thanks for the reminder to send you my results I totally forgot last week but will remember to send them to you tomorrow:)

    Great recipes and a nice addition, Im always looking for new recipes!

  15. I usually eat all my flex points...and often even more. I use a few a day...sometimes on true splurges like reduced fat ice cream...sometimes I'm just hungry so it's on extra snacks in the afternoon.

  16. hey girl!! it sounds like you're making the right choices and you definitely should pat yourself on the back. the scale lies sometimes, i really think it does. as long as your clothes are feeling good, the weight will melt off. i try to drink more water when i feel like i'm maintaining. it helps.

    i, should listen to my own advice though bc i've definitely fallen off the WW wagon. oops :( i'm so sick of this cycle. i do good for 2 weeks and then bad for 2 weeks and the lbs are not disappearing as quickly as they once were. so with sadness i have to report my xmas weighin is 139.0 - up one lb and definitely feeling it. my pants are tight, yuck!! oh well, all i can do is jump back on the bandwagon which i am doing today.

    i usually (except for lately...blah) save all my flex points for the weekend. i usually eat one meal on saturday and one on sunday that is whatever i want, within moderation. it was working for me!

    well, i hope you have a great weekend and that your weigh-in is better than mine!! :)

  17. I think you and I have had identical weeks!! I've spent all week substituting my normal 'splurges' with broccoli, carrots & apples. But also like you, it's to recover from a bad weekend. As for the flex points, I was using mine in the beginning, but I found I was hardly losing anything when I did, so I stopped. Really, I think it's that not using my flex points allows me to be less exact during the week when I forget to weigh or log something, which is probably why I was hardly losing anything when I consciously used them before. Sounds a little insane, but I guess whatever works, right??!
    Congrats on your week of excellence! I'm hoping mine pays off too.


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