Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thanksgiving Plan, Product Review, Halloween & Why I Hate Bra Shopping

How's that for a title?

I'll start with my product review. I was dropping by Walmart the other day to check out the Halloween costumes (more on that later...this may be a long post ladies, bear with me) and I saw a sale on Special K Vanilla and Almond cereal. I've never tried it before and I checked out the nutritional info and it looked pretty comparable to my regular Honey Cluster WW cereal so I decided to give it a whirl. I tried it out yesterday and this stuff is fan-friggin-tastic! It's light and sweet and crunchy and it's about 2 points for 3/4 cup (Same as the WW cereal) The only difference I found with this cereal is that I found that the last 2 days, I have been hungrier earlier in the day after eating this cereal as opposed to my WW cereal. Usually I hold off until 10:00am before I have my morning snack but yesterday I was starving by 9:20. Maybe it's the higher sugar content or the lower protein content but I would still recommend it. Especially if you see it on sale. (Walmart has it one for 2/$5 this week)

This year Scott and I decided, since we have a new house (yay!) that we are going to throw a Halloween party this year, costumes mandatory. Just like in Junior High only with a little alcohol mixed in. We have been having so much fun with it and buying up decorations right left and center. We have also been looking around for a really good couples costumes idea. I'm counting on you ladies to throw out some really great ideas here! We've looked at a few things and unfortunately while we were at Walmart yesterday, Scott stumbled across a Pimp costume that actually looked really good/funny on him. Now he has been trying to convince me to be shall we put this? "Lady of the night"...aka Hoe. I'm just not feeling it. The other idea we had was to be Gangsters. Get a few pinstripe suits from the second hand store, a couple fedoras and a few plastic guns from the $Store. I also saw a really cute French Maid costume at Walmart that I would love to get too. Ideas ladies???

Randi is challenging everyone to make a Thanksgiving Plan for this weekend (for us Canadians) and I think it's a great idea! We have 2 Thanksgiving dinners to go to. One on Saturday with my family and one on Sunday with Scott's family. We are hosting the one on Sunday. It's going to be a rough weekend BUT I'm going to stay within my 35 flexies and there's no way in hell I'm going cheating! No way! Here are my goals for this weekend:

1. No seconds. I don't need them. I always eat way too much anyway and if I have a no seconds rule then I should be able to portion control. I mean how much food can you fit on one plate?? I'm also going to get inspired by Randi and leave space on my plate.

2. Measure everything! This may seem impossible but luckily for me both my family and Scott's family know that I have been working hard on WW and they have been totally supportive of me (How lucky am I???) so even though they might make fun of me for hauling out the measuring cups, in the end they will admire me for my devotion to the plan!

3. Fill up on veggies. At the dinner hosted by Scott and I, we are going on Veggie overload. We are having Potatoes, turnip, squash, corn and carrots. so I will have my pick. I usually don't eat too much Turkey. I like a few pieces and then I am done (all white meat too of course!)

4. Provide a low fat alternative to dessert. Although we HAVE to have pumpkin pie due to tradition, plus Scott's Mom is a pumpkin pie fanatic so I don't think she'd ever come back if we didn't have it. But I'm also going to have low fat frozen yogurt and I'm going to try Angel Food Pumpkin Cake. Has anyone made this?????? I'm really hoping it's good.

Pumpkin Angel Cake

1 package angel food cake mix, F. F., Betty Crocker -- (1 step)
1 (15 oz) can canned pumpkin -- solid packed
1 cup water
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1. In a large bowl combine cake mix, canned pumpkin, water and the spice.
(DO NOT OVERBEAT, batter will get thin.)
2. Bake it as directed on box, either using an angel food pan, bundt or 9-by-13-inch pan.

Makes 12 servings. 1 serving = 3 points

I figure it may be good with a little fat free Cool Whip on top and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Any thoughts?

Last goal:

5. Send home leftovers with our guests. I don't want any stuffing, gravy or heaven forbid, pumpkin pie lying around my house the next day. I want it out. If the guests won't take it home, it's going in the compost about 30 mins after we are done the meal. I know it sounds like a waste but it 's better for it to be in the compost than adding pounds to by butt!

Last but certainly not least...the dreaded Bra shopping. Am I the only one who has this problem?? Let me tell you ladies, I love good day of shopping like nobody's business but when it comes to bras.....I hate it! I bought 2 nice new bras 2 weeks ago which I thought were comfortable...can you really tell after trying them on for 30 seconds in the store??? I had to get them in a 36 D because they didn't come in a 34. When I got home, I realized that I had them on the tightest clasp and that once they stretch out a little as bras always do, they were just too big for me. I'm a D. Plain and simple, well you think it would be anyway. I've actually gotten a lot smaller since I've lost weight. The thing that gets me is that you cannot find a 34 D anywhere. All of the 34s are all As and Bs. It's even hard to find a C in a 34. It's like all the bra companies got together and decided that if a woman has a D cup, they MUST be at least 36 inches around, if not more! Why is it hard to find nice, YOUNG and comfortable bras WITH support in a 34 D?
I give up.

ok enough ranting. Had to get that off my chest. Hope you ladies are having a wonderful week!
Ps. I'm back to the gym full time. Monday I did 30 mins on the elliptical and Tuesday I went 45 mins. YAY!
Also any of you Mon, Tues, or Wed weighers can start e-mailing myself or Randi your WI results for Week 2 of the Christmas Challenge! Who's going to be top three this week???


  1. Yeah it's those same damn freak models they use to make the panty hose too! lol

  2. i hear your bra rant! I am also a 34D and can never find a good bra. especially a strapless! or a bra on sale! very frustrating!

  3. 34D. I will try to contain my!
    and how fun that you're having a Halloween party!!??
    I always forget you Canadians have your Thanksgiving around now- Good luck.

  4. 34D? OK, I officially HATE you, LOL.

  5. I'm jealous of your 34-D-ness too! But bras are a pain in the butt regardless.:-)

    I couldn't find your e-mail address, so thank you for including me in the challenge! 12 weeks left - I'd like to lose 15lbs. Who do I send my weigh-in results too?


  6. I hate bra shopping, too. It's crazy how much money they want for those things.

    Good luck during Thanksgiving--sounds like an excellent plan!

  7. for halloween last year, eric dressed-up as a prisoner (orange jumpsuit, shaved head, fake tattoo, handcuffs) and i was the sexy officer (short dress, fishnets, blonde wig, sunglasses)... it was pretty funny, people loved it! ;o)

  8. I LOVE bra shopping. But since I found out I TOO am a 34 D it's been harder. Basically I buy them anytime I see them, whether I need it or not. I find that I can also wear 36C's in a pinch (hehe pinch, wrong sizes, get it?)
    I want to do a couple's costume for halloween where I get to dress like a girl. Last year hubby was a pimp and I was a john. I dressed in dress pants, white shirt and vest and tie and hat, and had those "disguise" classes on that have a nose and moustache attached. I agree, better than the Hoe.

  9. Oh lord, don't get me started on bra shopping! The hours I've spent trying to find one that fits properly! I totally hear you about the 34 C's & D's. Why do they think that just because you're a size 34, that you don't need a supportive bra? Everything below a 36 seems to only have thin straps and pathetic elastic and wispy fabric. I'm not wearing the thing for fun people! I do still have some back fat to contain (sorry, TMI)and I need a little help keeping the girls from trying to hang out with my waist!

  10. Being a 36D, I'm now thinking I should hunt down the 34s in case I get there.

    On the special K thing, I find I'm hungry faster too. While being points friendly it's not exactly nutritionally fantastic as there's not a whole lot of fibre in there.

  11. hey girl! happy early thanksgiving :) i will be in NYC for a few days with my boyfriend but i will just say 138 for my weigh in. a maintain. oh well :) im definitely going to be having NYC pizza, i cant resist!!

    i am also blessed with some breasts. lol. my favorite brands are le mystere (oprah wears this bra and its perfect). i wear the "dream tisha" type. and the other brand, a sexier look, is felina. they sell both at nordstrom or lord & taylor. they're a little pricey...between $30-65 but well worth it!! to you when i get back!

  12. I don't mind bra shopping, but I'm a more typical size at its much easier to find my size.

    Your pumpkin angel food cake sounds AWESOME and I'm going to make it for a dinner party I'm having in a couple of weeks. Sounds SO SO SO good - can't wait to hear what you think!

    As for the Halloween costumes... We've decided to be Daisy Duke and Boss Hog, but there's a catch... My 6'5/240 lb honey is going to be Daisy, and I will be Boss Hog! Should be a hoot!

  13. that angel food cake sounds so yummy...I've been thinking of it all afternoon.

    and bras? I was a 38C last time I shopped. All old lady-ish...nothing cute and hot like I was feeling! the curse of big boo-boos! :O


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