Thursday, October 18, 2007


So I tried out Anne's Banana Bran Chocolate Chip muffins last night and they are FANTASTIC! 1 WW point/muffin. Where else are you going to find a muffin WITH chocolate chips in it for 1 point?? No where else. That's where. Definitely worth a try. I didn't have any vinegar so I left that out but I don't really think you need it. AND these aren't those little itty bitty half a muffin tin cup muffins. Nope. I filled those tins right up. They aren't huge, but for one point?? These are getting thrown into my rotation! Love em! Scott had two of them before they were even out of the oven for 5 minutes. He loved them too!

So tonight in my Quest to Become Queen of my Kitchen, I am tackling Sheppard's pie for the first time. It seems pretty innocent so I can't see there being a problem. I'm wanted to try to limit the potatoes so Thank You Eurydice for the suggestion about subbing in some steamed cauliflower for the potatoes! Nice idea! I didn't get to take a picture of my muffins because I left my camera at a bridal shower I went to 2 weeks ago and I'm still trying to get it back. You'll just have to use your imagination ladies.

Do you ever have those days when you absolutely feel on top of the world? I'm having one of those days today. I feel fit and happy and I feel like nothing could go wrong. I have a beautiful house, a amazing hubby AND it's getting close to Christmas. Let me tell you ladies, if you've ever met a Christmas Fanatic, it's me! I'm in love with Christmas and for the whole month of November and December I'm obsessed with Christmas. I'm also one of those weird people that don't wait until December to put up their tree. I usually have it up at the end of November. Last night we went to the in laws for supper and then Scott's Mom and I headed down to Michael's Craft store because we heard they had a sale on Christmas wreaths. I don't want to toot my own horn but last year I made a really pretty Christmas wreath for my door. This year I decided to make a few for friends and family as part of their Christmas present (I hope they aren't reading my blog today!!). I bought 4 wreaths and I'm heading to the dollar store this weekend to load up on ribbons and bulbs and bells and bows! I love Christmas! It's almost to the point that I can't wait for Halloween to be over so I can start my 2 month long celebration! It's probably more of a present for me to make the wreaths than for my family to get them because I get to spend the afternoon being crafty with the Christmas music blaring in the background!

But speaking of Halloween... We are hosting a party this year on Oct 27 and I need some food ideas for the party. We've been buying up so many cheesy decorations (spiders, mice, bats, black lights, pumpkin lights etc) and I haven't really put any thought at all into the food. I don't want to get into anything that's going to take me hours and hours to make but I was thinking of making some chocolate cupcakes with orange tinted icing and then topping them with Halloween sprinkles but that's about all I've come up with. Anyone else hosting a party? Randi may also be hosting one so we are trying to bounce ideas around. I was also thinking about making a punch (spiked of course!) with floating bugs and eyeballs in it. Any good punch recipes?

Thanks so much for the great ideas yesterday with the recipes! I'm going to try them all and I can't wait!!!

That's it for me today ladies! WI day tomorrow!


  1. I don't know how healthy it is but I've got a good punch recipe if you have rhubarb. (basically rhubarb juice and pop lol)
    Ok and I definatly need to try those muffins now. Add another variety to the 3 of got in my freezer right now!
    good for you for feeling great! You'll have to post pic's of your wreaths! I made a simple one last year, just some flower pics and glitter spray and a bow. I love wreaths. I wanna make them for all the doors in my house but that might be a bit much. (interior doors?)
    I'm so glad you're crafty too! Are you sure you don't want to move to Saskatchewan so we can hang out?

  2. I love those muffins! I had them in my rotation for a loooong. Mandy has them on her recipe blog. Actually I stocked up on the ingredients for them and am going to whip up a batch this weekend. They are YUM. But, be aware, two of them at once is 3.5 points I believe.

    Christmas spirit is awesome :-) I can't wait to head to Michael's myself!

    RYC: I think they say that you have a 45 min window to replenish after a workout. After that the "enzymes" start to break down, whatever that means!

  3. Hello!

    To answer your question about the scale batteries - yes, they were a 3V round kind. But check the number on the back of the battery. Like mine said CR 2450 or something and they were a bit hard to find. Shoppers Drug Mart and the Source by Circuit City had them, but the Source was cheaper.

  4. I really envy you ladies who can bake and keep things in the house, I can only have a very few treats in my house at a time or else I eat them. And it's weird, becaues if they aren't there, I don't even crave them. One of my weaknesses that I am definitely none too proud of.

    And I wish I got as excited as you did about Christmas - the wreaths sound beautiful!!! I go to Micheal's and wish I was crafty,m they have such wicked things there... but alas, I'm too lazy to be crafty.

  5. hey its tara, here is the website i was talking about where i made the extra summer cash.......... the website is here

  6. Glad you like the muffins. I really have to make another batch.

    I too love Christmas, but I start decorating December 1st. You should post a pic of your wreaths! I love mine, I got it at Homesense last year. Right now, I have a really pretty fall wreath up :)

  7. They sound good! I'll have to make some soon!


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