Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Recap and Product Review

Ugh. My weekend review.

It was necessarily a horrible weekend but it certainly wasn't great. But I did make a new discovery. 2 Dinner's at my brothers house + company in town = not a great weekend foodwise. My weekend involved chocolate bars (Yes 2!!!), Graham Cracker Pie which is an old family tradition, Crispy Crunch ice cream (This stuff should be outlawed. Why is it sooooo good??) Black bean dip and Multigrain Tostitos (Don't let the look name fool you ladies, these multigrain chips had pretty much the same amount of fat and calories as the regular Tostitos.) Apple crisp and baked Doritos. Why oh why? Guess I'm going to have to hit the gym twice as hard to scare off a gain on Friday. I do NOT want to see that scale go up this week.

On the bright side I did have a fantastic visit with my Mom. We have a great time shopping on Saturday and spent about 4 hours wandering through the stores and getting some Christmas shopping started. She even bought me a great Ski jacket for Christmas. I tried it on and fell in love. *Please note I've never skiied before in my entire life but I'm going to have to try it out this winter now that I have a trusty ski jacket. So even though I don't count or use activity points, 4 hours of shopping must give you something right? Plus, I did rake the lawn for about an hour last night so that has to be worth something. We have a 1/2 Acre lot and literally, you cannot see the grass anymore anywhere. It is COVERED in dead leaves. It was really pretty at first but now the leaves are starting to turn all brown and gross so we decided to start tackling the lawn and get all the leaves raked up. I did about 1/12 of the lawn last night and it took me over an hour so we have a big job ahead of us.

Onto my product review. Saturday morning Scott and I decided to make everyone omelette's and bacon for breakfast. Scott was in charge of the omelette's and I in charge of the bacon. Since we had bought but never tried a package of Maple Leaf Chicken Bacon, I thought now was our big chance. Surprisingly when I opened it up, it smelled just like Bacon (I don't really know what I expected it to smell like but I was apprehensive to say the least) To my surprise, it was absolutely delicious!!! I loved it. It tasted just like bacon only without all the grease and fat. Here is how it measures up Nutrition wise:

Regular Bacon- Cal: 369 Fat: 35 grams Protein: 12 grams

Chicken Bacon- Cal: 183 Fat: 12.5 grams Protein: 16 grams

It was great alone or in a sandwich. My plan tonight is to have BLTs made with Tomatoes, spinach and Chicken bacon with a smear of low fat miracle whip on a new bread that I just found in the grocery store. It's from Dempster's and it's called BodyWise. It's 1 point for two slices so I'll let you know tomorrow what I think of it. I don't know, maybe you other Canadian ladies have already found these great products and tried them out but they are new to me!

On the agenda tonight:
Body Sculpt class at 5:00 and Scott is actually coming with me! YAY!
Baking a batch of Banana Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins
Possibly whipping up some Polenta to try it out

How are all the other Christmas Challengers making out? Make sure to check out Randi's post later today for Week # 4 Results!!


  1. Sorry to hear that it wasn't the best food-wise, but I'm sure you'll come through ok.

  2. My weekend was similar, but I didn't have the fun shopping trip with my mom. boo-hoo. I had the same thought. I'm hitting the gym super hard this week. Have fun at body sculpt! It sounds like fun!

  3. I had some not so great food choices this weekend, but I'm back with a vengeance!

    Your going to meet your challenge goal though, I'm sure :)

  4. I guess we don't have Dempster's down here in the states. Nor the chicken bacon. Sounds tasty though! Anything pork or pork-like gets my vote! mmmmm...

  5. At least that kind of weekend isn't the norm. Though you really are a busy girl on the weekends!

    You will do so great this weekend at the gym that you'll be meeting your goal in NO time!

  6. I'm back on track. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mmm... I think we have the exact same choice in 'bad' food.

    Mmm.. my mouth is watering thinking about it.

    Glad you had a great weekend with your Mom! :)

  8. That bacon sounds really good, and I love the stats on it. We don't eat bacon that often though, infact we rarely eat it. I did love eating BLTs as a kid though.

    Ahhh raking leaves..getting an arm workout in! I did a lot of yard work last week, and today when I was watering, it was all for nothing. We are having really bad fires here in California (they are calling it a fire storm, and we are in a state of emergency) well, there are leaves EVERY WHERE again because it's been really windy here for two days now.

    Anyway have fun at your class, and that's great Scott is join you!! Sometimes I wish David would go to the gym with me. Sometimes. :P

  9. Yum, your posts always makes my mouth water. haha.

    I like turkey bacon. . .crispy and yummy 1 pt goodness. Good as a BLT in a flatout. I'm going to have to look for the chicken bacon.

  10. i'll never go back to real bacon again. but i think turkey bacon tastes better - and cooks better too.

    i'm trying that bodywise bread now too. it looks a little plumper than ww bread, and it's pretty tasty too.


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