Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally...we see the pay off!!

Finally, after a few weeks of absolutely nothing it's time for the pay off.

-3 lbs ladies!!

This is a HUGE motivation for me! This 3 lb loss comes much needed after 3 weeks of maintaining. I was starting to go insane there for a few weeks. I think the reason I was so successful this week was because I tried to cut out any "empty points" and I got to the gym three days in a row. I've also pretty much doubled my protein and fiber everyday so I'm sure that is helping too. So to say the least, even though it's pouring down rain out, I'm feeling great today and I just KNOW that I am going to continue this roll and see a loss next week too. My goals for the upcoming week are as follows:

1. Count ALL of my flex points this weekend and BEHAVE at the wedding I am going to tomorrow.

2. Keep my breakfasts full of protein and fiber so it keeps me full longer.

3. Get in 4 40-45 min sessions at the gym (1 of them may be a Yoga or BodySculpt class)

4. Keep an eye on those empty points and stay away from sweets during the week.

What goals do you guys have for Week #4 of the Christmas Challenge?? Let's hear em!!!

Thanks for all the feedback on the flex point issue! It was so comforting to know that I am not the only one splurging on the weekends with chocolate and goodies. I especially loved Angie's thoughts. "I have always eaten every single point ever available to me. There's no friggin way I'm letting them go to waste! " I am the SAME way!! I am seriously counting down my points every weekend. Although I STILL haven't gotten through ONE weekend basically since JULY where I haven't gone over my flex points. So here it is ladies. I'm making a promise to myself and to all you lovely ladies. I'm NOT going over my flex points this weekend. NO WAY. I've started planning them out to help myself stay accountable so here is the breakdown.
Tonight's agenda: Dinner and a movie night with my amazing hubby. We are either going to see Good Luck Chuck or We Own the Night. Any recommendations?
Homemade pizza for dinner - 9.5 flex used
1 Mars Bar for movie (6pts) - 15.5 flex used
1 Bag of Baked Doritos (4pts) - 19.5 flex used
Saturday's agenda: Wedding. Great thing about this is that it is a wedding for a guy I went to high school with. Soo...I will get to see a ton of people that I haven't seen in years and I can't wait for the compliments to just start flying haha! It's been a while but I know it will be a great ego boost and will probably help me stay on track at the wedding. Plus a lot of my girlfriends are going (more than a few of us have actually dated the Groom!) and I can't wait to catch up with everyone and just spend the night mingling! I love my girlfriends.

My plan for this is to eat a normal breakfast and lunch and save any leftover flex points for the dessert and wedding cake that is inevitable (and usually tres yummy!)
What are you ladies planning on using your flex points on this weekend???
That's it for me today. I leave you with a VERY cheesy, but super cute picture of Scott and I that my brother took last weekend in their yard on Thanksgiving. I love it!


  1. What the heck! I thought you had curly hair! Are you sure that's you? You are looking good if so! I say you should take a progress pictures (full-ish body) this weekend at the wedding.
    LOVE YOUR GOALS! awesome. Congrats on the loss. I'm also trying to kick up the exercise but you know all that.
    Hopefully being around all these people who only knew you much bigger will keep you on plan at the wedding. It always works for me being around people and not wanting to look like a parker.

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!! Great job on sticking to your guns and doing all you had to do to get a loss at the scale. Victory feels wonderful, eh? WTG!!!!

    Just for reporting purposes I lost 1.6lbs this week. My goals are very similar to yours. I'm going to try to get in more 60min workouts. I'm going to try to continue to eat more veggies and minimize the amount of 100cal snacks and granola bars I eat. I've bought a lot more stuff with more fibre in them recently so I'm hoping that will help, and I actually bought fish (something I never do) to help me with getting in more protein. Hopefully these changes will help me at the scales as it did for you!!!

    Congrats once again!!!!!

  3. Yay! Good work Carolyn! I'm glad you are cutting out empty calories :) It's just better that way

  4. WAY TO GO! That is a fantastic and most importantly WELL DESERVED loss. It just goes to show it's alot about what kind of foods we eat and just not the number of points. I am loving your goals and I love that they are realistic! Have fun at the wedding and I bet you'll get so many compliments you'll forget some of them!

    I want to hear about some of what you eat for breakfast when you have some time....


  5. You look beautiful! AND congrats on the loss. I agree - protein and fiber are the way to go. Now only if I could stick to this better! ;)

  6. Holy Moly Awesome WI girl! Yaaaayyyy!

    I have been going over my FP lately first it actually boosted my WI results and it was awesome - now my body has caught on and not the case! I have promised not to do it again this week and so far so good. I'm going out to Yuk Yuk's comedy club for a friend's b-day tomorrow night and want to have a few drinks and I still have 15 FP to play with until Monday, so Yay!

  7. Congrats on the WL thats awesome girl! I think with the wedding and knowing you will be getting all those wonderful compliments that should definitely keep you on track this weekend:) Love all of your goals those are really wonderful.

    Let me know if you didnt get my email about my pts for this week

  8. WTG on that loss!!! So great. I'd love to know what you are doing for b'fast, too. It's such a struggle for me lately. This morning? Like 5 waffles. UGH...darn kids! LOL

    And those compliments should keep you right on track! Have fun!!!

  9. Great job and great loss! WHat are you eating for breakfast? Very cute picture!

  10. Hey that GREAT to hear! Good Job!

  11. Yay you for the loss!! I think you'll find that if you try to make your snacks have carbs/protein/fat in proper proportions, they'll fill you up better. My new favorit treat is peanut butter, which is a great food, and tastes so rich that it feels like a cheat food.

  12. WOW that is amazing! Congrats on the HUUUUUUUUUUUGE loss! <3 your picture. :)

  13. what a great loss, good for you! i know how frustrating it can be, when you're body doesn't want to cooperate but i'm glad to see you hung in there... having more protein/fiber is the key for sure - more bang for your buck, as they say... have a great time at the wedding... :o)

  14. Congrats on the awesome loss, I'm hoping to be following in your shoes come Monday Morning!

    Also your plan for the weekend looks great, just remember, you don't want to blow that great loss on a bad weekend, do you?

  15. Hi Carolyn! You are really on track with your goals :) I am very proud of you! I am continuing to do the same thing I've been doing--low fat, low carb, lots of protein and fruits and veggies, and small portions. It's paying off! I had a loss of 2.4 pounds this week--my biggest loss so far in a week. I'm pumped--and heading for the gym later on. Have a great weekend sweetie! Big hugs!!

  16. yay!!! congratulations on the loss, you rocked it! you've definitely motivated me and i too need to cut out empty points. they are delicious but totally pointless. lol. pointless.

    that is the cutest picture, you definitely need to add it to your side bar!

    have fun at the wedding & take some pictures!!

  17. Congratulations on a loss! I can't say the same...boooooo!! I am +.9 for the week.

  18. You look fantastic!!
    I think your plan to switch out empty calorie snacks is working for you. Congrats on your loss this past week.

    Hugs, Mel

  19. Congratulations on such an awesome loss! You're looking fabulous - and the goals are brilliant, too. Well defined, realistic - wish you all the best with them :)

  20. Love the picture hotstuff... Way to go on the amazing loss!

  21. Sigh ... I'm still waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off track!

    Back at it tomorrow.

  22. Awwwww that picture is soooo cute!! Hooray for your loss babe!! FANTASTIC!! :D

  23. Wow what an amazing loss! Well done, I love the photo as well, so cute.
    I gained 1lb this week :( you are my inspiration to stick to plan this week!!

  24. Funny how you forget to report your WI when it's a gain! My WI for Week 3 is a +0.8 which brings me to +0.2/10..........I'm going backwards here and that's not the point of the challenge is it!


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