Friday, October 26, 2007

Christmas Challenge Week # 5! and a BIG Thank You!

Good morning ladies

Finally It's Friday!

First of ladies have NO IDEA how much your support meant yesterday (even Randi's, who literally threatened to kick my butt if I didn't get back on the wagon). I'm feeling back on top of the world after a great OP day yesterday and I owe it all to you guys. I could see myself slowly slipping away from the plan and I don't even think I realized how bad it was until I spelled it all out for you guys. But yesterday was a great day - Not that it was without temptation because there was a lot of them. But I managed to fight them all off and make it to the gym for a great workout. 15 minutes on the treadmill on an incline, 20 mins on the elliptical and 10 mins on the bike. I felt great afterwards. I went home and made a nice supper and then sat down on the couch. Thought about staying there for the rest of the night....Then I got thinking, it's only 7:00, I still have lots of time to get some things done around the house. So I went outside and raked for 45 mins. What a workout! I was working up a sweat by then end of it! Then I came in, made lunches for hubby and cleaned the house for a while before finally resting on the couch around 9:30, just in time to get ready for The Office.

So...Christmas Challenge Week #5 is already here!
Make sure you e-mail me your results this week

I weighed in this morning to see a 0.5 gain. I really wasn't upset about it at all. It actually gave me more motivation to do great this weekend. It's going to be a tough weekend but I know I can do this and I've already changed plans a few times in order to help me out with my flex points. Here are my plans for the weekend:

Friday Night
Date night with hubby (I've been looking forward to it all week!) - Dinner/Shopping/Movie

Original plan: Appetizers at East Side Mario's Nachos, Pizza, bread and salad-approx 40+ pts
Start Christmas Shopping and buy new artificial tree for the house (our one from last year is so small, it was perfect for our little apartment but now it will look too Charlie Brownish)
Movie theatre - Mars Bar, Baked Doritos and diet Coke and possibly something form the Bulk Barn if I'm going to be perfectly honest with myself.

New and Improved plan: Dinner at Swiss Chalet - Grilled Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich with baked potato - 15 points
Christmas Shopping still a go, I'm thinking of hitting up the new Starbucks for the first time ever...I'm nervous though, it looks so complicated! What do I order???
Movie Theatre - Cadbury Thin, Baked Doritos and Diet Coke (We're going to see Rendition..MMMmm Jake Gyllenhaal)

Saving me approx 29 points AT LEAST. Yikes! When you put it that way!

Saturday Night:
Halloween Party at our House!

Original plan: purchase 2 bottles of red wine to sip on throughout the night - probably about 20-30 points depending on how much wine I actually get into
Make Taco Dip with Tostitos
Make Halloween cupcakes
Get a few bags of chips and dip

New and Improved plan: Buy Crystal light in a new flavor and have that with a flavoured vodka - This would be around 10-15 depending on how much vodka I actually get into
Still making Taco dip but I plan to use extra lean ground beef, fat free cream cheese, low fat sour cream, tons of salsa and extra veggies and low fat cheddar cheese on top. Serving with crackers and mutigrain Tostitos
Still making Halloween cupcakes but I plan on letting myself have one and that's it. I will save it until later in the night too so I have something to look forward to.
Instead of getting chips and dip which can be a big trigger food for me, I bought some pretzels and veggies with dip so I feel like I can have one or 2 and not feel guilty.

Save approx 20- 30 points. The big save here I think will be the Crystal light and vodka instead of wine. How many calories are in a glass of wine anyway?? I don't think I've ever tried to find out. Ahh I just looked it up and it says a 1/2 cup is 2 points! YIKES!

Anyway those are going to be my weekend saves. I feel great about my decisions. Especially about hitting the gym after work for a quick workout before my date.

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend. Anyone who is hitting up a Halloween party this weekend don't forget to take pics and post them up! I'll be posting some on Sunday or Monday of Scott and I all dressed up!

Make sure you let me know what to order at Starbucks! I'm clueless! I like sweet drinks like Vanilla Cappachino's and stuff like that but I don't want anything crazy high in pts!

Have a great weekend ladies and Happy Halloween!!


  1. Try a tall non-fat vanilla latte - very yummy!

  2. your new and improved plans look great! i am also up 1 lb :\ - KIND of frustrating but i'm not going to let it get me. i was perfect this week, better than i've been in a long while. i wish the scale would reward me for this but it hasn't but i'm going to wait until next week, i think it might be water retention and possibly muscle gain? that's what i'm telling myself bc there is no way i gained a real pound after all the sweat i've produced this week! hehe

    for starbucks: get a tall or a grande of whatever you get. i actually love their iced coffee with lots of skim milk & splenda....about 2 pts for a grande. but if you want something hot aside from regular old coffee make sure you order it with skim & no whip (meaning skim milk & no whip cream). sometimes i go for the pumpkin spice latte or the mocha latte. usually a tall is enough for me and those run around 2-4 pts. they also have sugar free syrups. all a latte is is steamed milk with a shot of espresso & flavoring. so think about it that way, thats a tall or a grande glass of milk.

    go here too:
    and also try - she recommends low point starbucks stuff.

    i always drink red wine. i thought it was 2 points for a 4oz glass? and aren't there 4 glasses of wine to a bottle? wow, i may be totally wrong with the way i've been calculating my wine drinking. i'm going to investigate this! what about drinking a wine spritzer?? i don't drink liquor anymore (bad experiences) but it sounds like it would be good with crystal lite!!

    have a great weekend and good job working out yesterday! :)

  3. Hey, Great job gettting back OP.
    I lost 1.2 this week! Yay!

  4. WOW!!!! What a fantastic plan!! :)

  5. mmmmm....starbucks and jake gyllennhaal (man, i was so far off on my first try at spelling that). i can't think of a much better weekend than that!

    i always do a triple grande nonfat latte - sometimes add sugar free hazlenut syrup to mine, but you could do the vanilla too. the triple means three espresso shots, so be careful with that.
    i think this drink is 4 points.

    also good is a grande americano with the sugar free hazlenut. that's just espresso with water. 0 points!

    so glad to hear you're back on track! thanks for the encouragement on mine today, too. it really means alot!

  6. Ew coffee. You're on your own!
    I lost 1 lb! Woo hoo! Best loss for me yet on the challenge I think. (and it would have been better if I used an early WI but I'm being consistant).
    Sorry if I'm too harsh on ya sometimes. I just know I need somebody to do more than just say, "oh it's ok, you deserved that crazy binge, now move on" because it makes it ok. Feel free to drop an ass whooping on me after you read about my last night.

  7. I do coffee (or iced coffee) w/ sugar free syrup (my favorites are vanilla and carmel, but they have several others), then I add some non-fat milk--the only points are for the milk. And I like that you can still get the venti, and only have .25 or .5 points depending on how much milk you add...

  8. Hi Carolyn,
    Another thing you could do to cut down on a few calories in the dip is to use ground turkey instead of ground beef. I make taco salads using ground turkey (93% lean ) and my family loves it! Your new plan sounds like it will be very successful! Good luck ;) BTW, I am down 1.2 pounds this week. Have a great weekend!!

  9. great new plan! isn't it crazy how we can still "indulge" without going crazy overboard?

    as for Starbucks? I'm not a big coffee girl, but dh works there as a barista. He always tells me, "we don't sell coffee, we sell sugar." the syrups can be high in sugar...and they use A LOT of pumps of sugar and the syrups on top too.

    I get a soy chai...for a grande, it's 5 points...totally high, but I only get like 1/month so it's totally a treat and not a habit. If you do get a latte, get non-fat...and remember that it does count for your dairy on WW!!!

    Have fun this weekend! I'll send you an email with my WI tomorrow after I'm official.

  10. A 4oz glass and 1/2 cup are the same. If you drink a litre of wine, you will consume 16 points. The fruity wines are probably more.

    2 bottles of wine will cost you at least 32 points.


  11. I'm a Starbucks fanatic. It's sad really. Even right now while DBF is looking a good locations to house hunt in Halifax I said it has to be near one of the few Starbucks out there. LOL. See, we are from the land of a thousand Starbucks and Tim's just won't work for me.

    Whatever you order, make sure it's decaf if caffeine effects you at all.

    I like a decaf,double tall, vanilla non-fat latte. 3 points.

    You can make it 2 points by using the sugar-free vanilla syrup but I can taste the aspartame so prefer to use a point for the real stuff.


  12. Ahhhh I LOVE the new plan!! I think it's awesome you planned everything out. Date night with hubby sounds great!! My husband and I are carving pumpkins tonight. :)

    Great plan on getting a small workout in too. Hey I say as long as you get 20mins in you are rockin it...especially on a date night!

    Halloween party....awww I am jealous!! I want to go!! Heehee. Are you having people wear costumes???

  13. Love the new and improved - very OP and very in control, excellent!

    I loved the "sipping on 2 bottles of red wine" lol

    Starbucks scares me too - I get all fumbled over what to say! lol

    Don't forget to note my big 3 lbs loss this week! Yay!

  14. OOh Wine, YUM! ok so 2 bottles of wine (750ml x 2 ) is 20 points, not 32 as someone mentioned. A standard bottle of wine is 10 points, and I checked with my online WW tracker, 20 points for 2 bottles (6 cups). I am a massive fan of "sipping a bottle or 2 all night" as well. Have the wine, better than vodka with CL because it has some "nutrition" (if red) and takes longer to drink than the vodka mix; because it's harder to chug.
    Have a great Party!

  15. Oh Carolyn, you have an awesome plan!! I'm sure it will make your weekend so much easier. Planning is so the key. Have a great time at your party!!

    When I go to Starbucks I get a non fat steamed milk with some sugar free vanilla syrup. I don't like coffee. Glad I don't too, I am so no hip to the Starbucks lingo. hahaha!

  16. i forgot to mention, i am down .6 this week.

  17. I like Crystal Light and vodka! I'm on my way over :)

  18. Great job getting back on plan, I know you can do it girl!

    As for Starbucks I have found the Caramel Macchiato and get non-fat milk in it and cant taste a bit of difference. Its only 3 pts.

    I emailed you my results but just to make sure you got them...I lost 1.9 lbs this week!


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